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Property Information Service Agreement and The Notification for The Bidder/ The Buyer (Alpha)

According to your acceptance and acknowledgement of Alpha Terms and Conditions for this website usage, you or the user agree to accept this Property Information Service Agreement and The Notification for The Bidder/ The Buyer of Alpha Asset Management Company Limited (Alpha). Detail are as follows.

1. Any content, text, information, conditions on this website are not the property sale offering. This website intended to provide preliminary information of Alpha property to the interested parties.

2. Alpha property on this website is displayed for sale as is visibly or invisibly. Alpha does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the property, boundaries, property size, the condition of the property and the accuracy of the list, information, or any details of the land title deed, condominium ownership certificate and any other land certificates. Alpha recommends you must verify and inspect the aforementioned property information.

3. Alpha does not warrant Alpha property on this website without expropriation, eviction or deprivation of any rights. You or the user must verify the aforementioned information and Alpha has no liability in this information.

4. The buyer is responsible for verifying and inspecting the information and details of the property before offering the purchase of the property to Alpha. The buyer agrees that the buyer has been aware of the condition and limitations of the property sufficiently and completely.

5. Alpha reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate any condition or the sale of all properties or one item or multiple items at any time without notifying you in advance or without the prior consent of the user, the bidder, or the buyer in any way.