Buying property at auction is not difficult anymore. Because at present, the Office of Legal Execution has published "Manual For Buyer". It's a guide to buy property at auction to the general public. It's easier to read and understand. The steps of those who want to buy property are as follows:
- Prepare yourself before participating in public auction
- Documents needed on the auction date
- Registration Process on the Auction Date
- Bidding of Immovable Property [land, land with buildingAnd condominium etc.]
- Bidding of Immovable Property by the Electronic System
- Bidding of Moveable Property
- Non-Bid Property
- Unsuccessful Bidder
- What to do when you are a successful bidder of immovable
- Property [land, land with building, condominium]
- Adding or Removal of the Buyer’s Name
- What to do when you are a successful bidder of movable Property
- How to move the judgment debtor and dependent out of the immovable property
- Liability of the buyer abandoning the deposit
- Sale of immovable property in various situations
- Before the bidding
- Request for revocation of bidding when the buyer is not ready for transfer of title
- The court order not to revoke the bidding
- In case of a request for the revocation of bidding
- Interested persons
- The role of the interested persons
- Reasons for bidding cancellation
- Publication of notice of sale by auction by the Legal Execution Departmen

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